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  • 5 Surprising Facts About Travellers That You Can't See On Instagram

    17th Jan 2020 by

    Perfectly edited pictures, new places visited every month, new adventures, exciting experiences every day and winters in tropical paradise. That’s what lives of travellers look like on Instagram. Must be a dream, right? Is it though? I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty sweet but it’s definitely not just the highlights visible from the outside. That’s… Read more

  • Ultimate Whitsundays Travel Guide From A Local

    7th Jan 2020 by

    Whitsundays. One of the biggest highlights of the Australian East Coast. Since I was lucky enough to call it a home for five months, I know all the tips and tricks that you will find useful when planning your trip to this tropical paradise. What to expect The most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen? Picture… Read more

  • Coffee Snob Series III. Different Brewing Methods

    27th Nov 2019 by

    After two posts of trying to convert you from drinking espresso at home into filter coffee, I am finally going to tell you more about it. Thanks for sticking around. I get it, filter coffee can be a little bit intimidating. You’re trying to order one at a cafe and you get hit by questions… Read more

  • 25 Unusual Rules I Live By

    13th Nov 2019 by

    Why am I always positive? How come I deal with situations so well? Why do I never get upset? Why does everything seem so cruisy? What’s behind this attitude? I realise that some of these ideas are not so common and natural to everyone. Some of them come from experience, some of them come from… Read more

  • 30 Life Lessons I’ve Learned In Vietnam

    7th Nov 2019 by

    1. If the meal doesn’t taste that good, add more soy sauce. 2. Happy hour is your best friend 3. After living in Australia, all the beaches seem average. 4. When ordering any drink, remember to say “no sugar” at the end. 5. Any shitty hostel breakfast can be edible if you bring your own… Read more

  • How To Get Motivated?

    18th Sep 2019 by

    Motivation. It’s a word that keeps being thrown around a lot these days. How do you keep motivated to go to the gym? To eat healthy? To avoid junk food? How do you get motivated to get things done? People go around searching for this magical ingredient expecting that once they find it, everything will… Read more

  • Coffee Snob Series: A Beginner’s Guide To Filter Coffee

    27th Jul 2019 by

    What is filter coffee? With the rise of coffee culture and more and more people interested in coffee, we also see a rise of popularity of filter brewing methods. Don’t imagine the traditional electric filter coffee machine that you put on and let sit there for hours, resulting in bleak burnt coffee taste. That is… Read more

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